Collision. Work. Power. Question 1

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Issacs car collides with a stationary trolley . After the collision, the car and trolley lock together and move as one.mass of Issac’s car = 1700 kg
mass of trolley = 800 kg
Initial velocity of Issac’s car = 30 m s–11- Calculate the final velocity of the car and trolley together.
2- Mike’s car has a long crumple zone. Explain in detail why having this crumple zone would make a difference during impact. what are the ideas of velocity before and after the impact.

Issac’s car is towed away by a tow truck. The rope attached to the car makes an angle of 50 with the horizontal. The rope pulls the car with a force of 900N. The car moves a distance of 40 m along the horizontal road during a time of 20s.

3- What is the work done by the tow truck on the car.
4- What is the power produced by the tow truck while it is moving the car.

Let’s start with collision
It is Perfectly inelastic collision .
M1*V1=(M1+M2)*UM1 – mass of Issac’s car
V1 – Initial velocity of Issac’s car
M2 – mass of trolley
U – final velocity of the car and trolley together1700*30=(1700+800)*U So, U = 20.4 m/s

2) than zone longer, Mike’s car safety


W – work
F – force
D- distance
A – angle
W=900*40*COS(50)=23140.35 J

P – Power
t – time
P=23140.35/20=1157.02 Watt


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  1. Thank you for making this site free to users like myself. I’m currently utilizing your resources in preparation for TEXAS Certification Test (Science 8-12). Once again, thank you! Is there a sister/brother site aimed for elementary level with simulations or labs. I homeschool my four kiddos as get 10, 8, 7 and 4 and they wholeheartedly love science. This year we are studying Physics and I’m looking for a site geared at that age group.

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