Cinderella’s challenge.

Cinderella Cinderella’s stepmother shook some salt onto a flat surface with a tablecloth and after shook some pepper over the salt. She mixed the salt and pepper together with her fingertips until there was an even mixture of pepper and salt. Cinderella must to separate the pepper from the salt without touching neither the one nor the other. What should Cinderella do?

Solution. Posted on Friday, October 31, 2014.

Cinderella should take the plastic comb and brush it through her hair several times. When Cinderella combs her hair the comb gains a static charge. After, she slowly bring the comb close the mixture (without actually touching the mixture) and the mixture will attract to the comb. Grains of salt and pepper do not weigh the same, the grains of the pepper weigh less! The attraction is strong enough to actually pull the grains of the pepper towards the comb, but it is not strong enough to pull the grains of the salt. Finally, the pepper would be taken out from the mixture.



5 thoughts on “Cinderella’s challenge.

  1. Rub a comb on a piece of silk cloth then pass it over the mixture. The pepper would be taken out from the mixture and cling to the comb. Clean the comb then repeat the procedure until all the pepper granules are taken out.

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  2. Is the pepper milled? If not, Cindarelly can just pick the grains of pepper. If the pepper is milled, she might use a very gentle stream of air to wipe away the pepper The heavier grains of salt will stay.


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