A lake on the moon with a boat on it…


Since gravity is much weaker on the moon, everything weigh only 1/6 of its Earth-weight. Imagine there is a lake on the moon with a boat on it…
This boat has a draft of 1 meter in terrestrial freshwater lakes.
How deep will sit the boat in the water of the moon lake?

Solution. Posted on Sunday, December 14, 2014.

According the Newton’s first law, two equal forces are acting on a boat. The forces are Archimedes’ force and gravitational force.

Fa=m*g , where Fa – Archimedes’ force (Buoyant force), m – mass of the boat, g – acceleration due to gravity
ρ*g*v=m*g , where ρ – the density of the fluid, v – volume of the displaced fluid

Finally, ρ*v=m . It is meant that, the boat will have the same draft. Of course, if it will be the water with the same density as at the Earth.


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