Determine which one is a magnet.


There are two parallelepiped metal bars, identical in appearance and size.
The first is a magnet and the second is an ordinary iron. Is there an experiment available to determine which one is a magnet?


Solution. Posted on Monday, December 22, 2014.

The magnetic field is weakest in the middle of the magnet.
In this connection, place A on the table and bring one end of bar B close to one end of bar A, and then take it close to the other end of bar A, and finally take it close to the center of bar A. If it experiences an attractive force at both ends of the bar A and no force at the center of A then bar A is a magnet. In another case, B is a magnet.


7 thoughts on “Determine which one is a magnet.

  1. Put a sheets of paper over the bars and sprinkle iron filings over the papers. The filings over the magnet will align in the direction of the field, the non-magnet wont have the pretty alignment.

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  2. since one is magnet and the other is not a magnet place the two bars away from each other they apply pressure on one of the bar then observe which one of the two tends to attract the other. the one that attract the other one to it self is the magnet bar


  3. I start hitting one of them to the ground for more than enough to demagnetize it. If I have chosen the iron bar the magnetism effect does not decrease. If I have chosen the magnet then the effect will vanish. As a consequence I have found the magnet but I don’t have a magnet now!


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