Position-time graphs for two objects.

There are the position-time graphs for two objects A and B moving from the point O to the points K and L respectively.

    a) Which is going faster?
    b) Which will reach the target point early?
    c) How many times objects will meet?


Answer. Posted on Thursday, March 5, 2015.

a) The slope of the position-time graph gives the velocity. The faster the object goes, the greater the slope of the position-time graph. Thereby, the object B is going faster.
b) Both objects will reach their targets at the same time. The object A will be at the point K when the object B will be at the point L.
c) The intersection point on a position-time graph means that the two objects have the same position at that time. Thereby, the objects will never meet each other, because there are no intersections of the graphs.


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