Kinetic energy of the bicycle

sunsetmtbA bicycle has a kinetic energy of 100 J. What kinetic energy would the bicycle have if it had one half of the mass and was moving with twice the speed?


Solution. Posted on Friday, May 15, 2015.

The formula of the kinetic energy is Ek = 0.5*m*v^2 , where m – a mass of the object (bicycle) and v – the velocity (speed) of the object.

Let’s compare between the initial kinetic energy and the final kinetic energy

The initial kinetic energy – Eki = 0.5*m*v^2
The final kinetic energy – Ekf = 0.5*(1/2*m)*(2*v)^2 = 2 * 0.5*m*v^2

Hence, we could see that the kinetic energy doubles. Ekf = 2*Eki or Ekf = 200 J.


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