Racing against time

Can one leave London, United Kingdom at 8 am and land in Toronto, Canada at 8 am on the same day?


Yes. You can really do that. The answer lies in the 5-hour difference in London, United Kingdom and Toronto, Canada zonal times. If our plane covers the distance between the two cities in these 5 hours, it will land in Toronto at the same time at which it took off from London. The distance between London and Toronto is 5713.17 km, we must fly at a speed of 5713.17 / 5 = 1,142.634 km/h, which is possible. For example: “Concorde had a maximum cruise altitude of 18,300 metres (60,039 ft) and an average cruise speed of Mach 2.02, about 1155 knots (2140 km/h or 1334 mph)” Wikipedia



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