The car catches up to the motorcycle

A car is moving along the highway at a speed of 80 km/hr. A motorcycle passes the car at a constant speed of 110 km/hr. If the car starts accelerating at 5 m/s2 at the moment the motorcycle passes, how much distance will be covered until the car catches up to the motorcycle?

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The boat is pulled to the shore


A boy stands on a shore and pulls a rope connected to a boat. The velocity of the rope vr is constant. Prove that the closer the boat to the shore, the faster it moves.

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A solid sphere rolls down a roof

solid sphere rolls down a roofA solid sphere starts from rest and rolls without slipping a distance of 8 m down a roof that is inclined at 25˚. The roof’s edge is 5 m high from the ground. How far horizontally from the roof’s edge does the sphere hit the ground?

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A ball is thrown vertically upwards

A ball is thrown from ground level vertically upwards with an initial velocity of vi. Draw a velocity-time graph of the ball’s motion. Consider collisions with the ground are absolutely elastic and neglect air resistance.

Image By Michael Maggs Edit by Richard Bartz – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
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A passenger is late for a train

mpzm6jA passenger is late for a train. He stood at a railway station while the accelerating train passed him car by car. The passenger noticed that the last train car passed him for 8 seconds and the previous train car for 10 seconds. How long was the passenger late for the train? You should consider that the train moved with uniform acceleration and the length of the train cars is the same.

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A bomber wants to hit a target

boeing_b-52_dropping_bombsA bomber flies with a constant velocity of 50 m/s horizontally and wants to hit a target traveling 20 m/s (same direction) on a highway 1000 m below. What is the horizontal distance of the bomber from the target so that a bomb released from it will hit the target?

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Shooting a bullet horizontally and dropping a bullet

fireddroppedbulletIf you fire a bullet horizontally and drop one from your hand at the same height and time, which will hit the ground first?

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