A bomber wants to hit a target

boeing_b-52_dropping_bombsA bomber flies with a constant velocity of 50 m/s horizontally and wants to hit a target traveling 20 m/s (same direction) on a highway 1000 m below. What is the horizontal distance of the bomber from the target so that a bomb released from it will hit the target?

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Shooting a bullet horizontally and dropping a bullet

fireddroppedbulletIf you fire a bullet horizontally and drop one from your hand at the same height and time, which will hit the ground first?

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A cannonball is fired horizontally.

imageA cannonball is fired horizontally at 10 m/s from a cliff. Its speed one second after being fired is about
A. 10m/s
B. 12m/s
C. 14m/s
D. 16m/s
E. 20m/s
F. 22m/s

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