A geostationary satellite

Geostationaryjava3DsideviewA geostationary satellite is a satellite in geostationary orbit, with an orbital period the same as the Earth’s rotation period. The geostationary orbit is a circular orbit directly above the Earth’s equator.

How high above the Earth’s surface must the geostationary satellite be placed into orbit?

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How long would it take to fall through the center of the Earth?

We have a hole that leads straight through the center of the Earth. We neglect air resistance and assume that the Earth has uniform density ρ. How long would it take to fall through the center of the Earth and reach the other side of the planet?

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If the solar system were reduced

Solar System (artist's impression) If all the linear dimensions of the solar system were reduced in some proportion, then what will be the length of Earth’s year?


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How long does it take for the Earth to reach the Sun?

If we stopped the Earth in orbit then how long does it take for the Earth to reach the Sun?

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Why is the Earth Round?

EarthNasaThe Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the stars and the planets round or spherical, because they have a very large mass. Their own gravitational force aims to give them the shape of a sphere.

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 Where does a bullet fall if someone shoots it straight up?

rifleAt the North or South pole a bullet will land at the same spot, but at the equator …
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When does the Sky become Space?

ShuttleIf we are flying higher and higher it is meant to fly with greater and greater speeds. A speed, above a certain altitude, could be bigger than the circular orbital speed at that altitude.
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