A system of three objects

3objectsNewton2LawA system is composed of three objects with masses m, 5m and 6m. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the objects m, 5m and the surface is 0.5. Find the acceleration of the objects.
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An object slides down an inclined plane

An object slides down an inclined plane at a constant velocity. Find the coefficient of sliding friction if the plane is inclined at an angle of α degrees to the horizontal.
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rope2A uniform inextensible rope length of 30 cm is lying on a table in such a manner that a part of it is hanging down from an edge of the table. It is known that the rope is in equilibrium, if the maximum length of the rope that can hang without sliding is 10 cm. A girl is attaching another same rope length of 6 cm to the end of the first rope and then putting the rope on the table. So that it is again in equilibrium. What is the length of the part of the rope that is on the table?

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The two bricks.

DSC08260-BThere are two bricks on a wood board. One brick is laid on its long narrow side (face) and another one is laid on its wide side. The bricks weigh the same. What is the first brick slip off, if we will tilt the board?

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