A geostationary satellite

Geostationaryjava3DsideviewA geostationary satellite is a satellite in geostationary orbit, with an orbital period the same as the Earth’s rotation period. The geostationary orbit is a circular orbit directly above the Earth’s equator.

How high above the Earth’s surface must the geostationary satellite be placed into orbit?

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A Satellite Orbits The Moon


Image Credit: NASA Ames/Dana Berry

A satellite orbits the Moon in a circular orbit. The radius of the Moon is 1.74×10^6 m , the mass of the Moon is 7.35×10^22 kg. Calculate the speed of a satellite in a circular orbit, very near the Moon’s surface.


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Can a candle burn in a spaceship?



Can a candle burn in a spaceship (in microgravity)?


Image Credit: NASA.
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Why do all satellites go around the Earth in elliptical orbits instead of a circle?


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The best place to launch a satellite.


Please recommend NASA the best place to launch a satellite:

a) North of the United States
b) Centre of the United States
c) South of the United States
d) no matter where on earth satellite launch

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An astronaut needs to speed up.


A satellite completes 7 revolutions around the Earth in a day. For whatever reasons, an astronaut needs to speed up the satellite’s movement, so as to make 10 revolutions around the Earth in a day. What should the astronaut do?

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